The largest online coin community in Korea, “Ddengle”( surveyed Korean coin investors about ‘ICO (Initial coin offerings)’.
Currently ICO funds surpassed VC funding, more than 3 times. The reasons why traders are interested in ICOs are firstly ICO can promote blockchain’s future and entry barriers or ICO are low. In other words, small investors could also invest in cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The survey was about ‘Korean individual trader’s ICO experiences and interests’
Firstly ICO investment experience had been asked. About Korean ICO investment experiences, More than half of Korean traders didn’t invest in Korean ICO. However, about 26% of investors had ICO investing experience more than once. About ‘Among ICOs you invested in, how many coins have been listed on an exchange or their coin’s main-net has been launched?’, The answer ‘More than once’ was 26% and the answer ‘never’ was the most.
About the question of interests of ICO, ‘Which criterion is considered first to choose an ICO to invest?’, the answer of traders was idea, developer, company size, personal preferences, friends’ recommendation from No.1 to No.5. Regarding ‘Will you invest in an ICO in the future?’, the answer of ‘Yes’ was more than 6 times.
In summary of this survey results, Korean individual traders had less ICO investing experience, but they answered that they will invest in the future.

January 2018, Mr. Joen Ha-jin, the chief of voluntary restraint committee of ‘Korean Block Chain Industry Association’ said that “Only when ICO inside Korea is practicable, blockchain ecosystem could be completed.” Also Mr. Kim kyung-hoon of KISDI said that “ICO should be legal partially for fostering blockchain startup ecosystem.”
The Ddengle also contains a variety of information, such as coin investment, block chain development, and features active and quick feedback from users. The survey was conducted amongst Korean coin traders who use Ddengle from March 26 to 30, 2018.