The largest online coin community in Korea, “Ddengle”( surveyed Korean coin investors about overseas exchange preferences. According to the survey result, most popular exchanges chosen by Korean investors were Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Huobi from No.1 to No.4. However, many people replied that the first exchange, they used when they started overseas coin trading were Poloniex, Binance, and the Bittrex from No.1 to No.3.


For your guidance, the Ddengle is Korea’s largest and oldest crypto-currency web based community. It features a large amount of information about mining and members with long-term coin trading experiences. Survey results showed that the Binance jumped to the world’s No.1 exchange, and preference of Poloniex has been extremely decreased As many people already know, Poloniex was one of the most famous exchanges in the world for a while. However, it finally lost No.3 rank and Korean investors are now reluctant to use the Poloniex exchange. In answer to the question, ‘Why did you choose to leave Poloniex?’, users said following reasons. The Poloniex lacks various events that other exchanges serve, doesn’t have a coin users wanted to trade and the dissatisfaction of slow or unkind CS.



Before this survey, Ddengle users complained about problems about the Poloniex exchange. We reorganized that complaints after Jan-01-2018, and the reasons why they had left Poloniex were diverse. Results were: ‘Withdrawl/Deposit delay’ – 68%, ‘Withdrawl/Deposit errors’ – 68%, ‘Slow-paced CS’ – 14%, and ‘complaints related to API’ – 4%. As a result, the most critical problem was that Poloniex users cannot withdraw or deposit their coins promptly. Even worse, according to several users, coins that were sent to the Poloniex exchange had disappeared. Users of Poloniex usually use CS to solve their problems, the quality of CS was also disappointing. These complaints were posted at Jan-2018 intensively, and then the posts had gradually decreased.


Users were also interested in Cryptopia exchange. Cryptopia has listed a lot of smaller altcoins which were not listed on other exchanges.

The Ddengle also contains a variety of information, such as coin investment, block chain development, and features active and quick feedback from users. The survey was conducted amongst Korean coin traders who use Ddengle from March 12 to 14, 2018 and from March 14 to 21 separately.